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The Structure of Intellect is a theory of human intelligence.

Education has always been concerned with intelligence, but has never had a theory of intelligence to guide its approach. Instead, education has been guided by theories of learning and methods of teaching. That is why the Structure of Intellect and its application to education is important to the improvement of the educational process. We can truly reform education by changing the way we instruct and assess to match the goal of educating all students to their full potential.

SOI Systems is dedicated to nurturing multi-faceted intelligence, and to the creation of the most effective and practical means of assessment and treatment for learning difficulties. Learn more in our video here.

The History of S.O.I.

"S.O.I." stands for Structure of Intellect - a theory of the functions and products of human intelligence. It is a system of tests and training materials to develop intellectual learning abilities. Based on the work of J.P. Guilford and the continued research of human intelligence in education by Dr. Mary Meeker, the SOI paradigm rescues students from failure.

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