July 18, 2017

According to the Institute of Functional Medicine, “Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes into account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.”

Similarly, just as the body will heal itself given the right input in terms of nutrition, we believe that educationally, if the correct methodologies, therapies and input are applied, the mind and body will work together to accomplish learning!

Here is where we come to an understanding of functional, integrated education. This is an educational approach that takes into account the whole person.

Structure of Intellect

In the Structure of Intellect, as in good health, we obtain good results by healthy input. Whereas in health, input might look like nutrition, supplements, or a disciplined fitness regimen, in learning “input” looks like a combination of sensory integration, visual skills, and cognitive training.

Just as certain principles form a strong foundation for physical health (nutrition, fitness, hydration), there are specific principles that make up the strong foundation for how students learn. These foundational principles or “Areas” developed in the Structure of Intellect program have yet to be disputed successfully. These areas are outlined in The Meeker Paradigm and include:

  • Area 1 – cognition and intellectual function
  • Area 2 – social/emotional
  • Area 3 – physio-neurological

ALL must be in place for a human to function and learn with efficiency and success.

Years of well-intended ideas, methodologies, schemes, and theories in the world of education only bring us back to these same truths about what works long-term in human learning.

This is not a “Band-Aid approach” to just get students through the next standardized test – but is a solution that allows a student to overcome obstacles long-term and achieve their destiny.

In health, many practitioners use the “FIT” acronym. “Frequency, Intensity over Time”. This is often used to reiterate to the patient or client that, the changes an individual makes to their health routine are only successful as part of a larger commitment to continue these practices consistently over time.

The same principle proves true in the Structure of Intellect program. True, long-term change in student’s learning is not a “quick fix”. It’s a process achieved through a strong partnership with parents, teachers, students, and our highly trained SOI practitioners over time.

Understanding these foundational areas, we at Synap2it! Learning Center are able to discern and impact learning in ways that no amount of conventional tutoring can. Contact us to learn more!

About the Author Renee Anderson

The founder & director of EducationPathways and Synap2it! Learning Center, Renee Anderson is a veteran educator whose career spans over 25 years in both public and private schools. During this time, she has worked in regular classroom settings, special education and in intervention. She became an SOI Structure of Intellect Advanced Trainer in 1996, achieved the SOI Associate designation in 2001 and now acts as a National Trainer and Senior Program Consultant for SOI Systems, Inc. Learn more

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