November 22

Finding the Right Career: A Different Approach


Do you have a student wondering what career they should pursue?  Are you helping a student apply for colleges and/or selecting a major, but they're just not sure what to pick?

Or maybe you're at a point in your own career where you're wondering if the career you're in is one for which you are most suited.  Maybe you're dissatisfied with your current career or job and looking for like a change.

If any of these scenarios sound like you, we have good news! Synap2it! Learning Center has the tools you need to help you make successful career choices! 

A Different Approach

Traditional career preparation or career counseling in schools typically involves three things: 

  • interest
  • skills
  • opportunities

However, while the strongest emphasis is typically placed on interest, we add one more component to the discussion: learning abilities.

Learning Abilities and Career Placement

The learning abilities we assess using our program include: Comprehension, Memory, Problem Solving, Evaluation & Creativity. We also evaluate a student's figural, semantic, and symbolic abilities and determine which of these abilities is highest.

Similarly, over the years we have been able to analyze a large number of occupations in terms of the abilities a person would need in order to excel in them. We have obtained descriptions from government publications and then transcribed the tasks required into abilities defined by the Structure of Intellect system.

This analysis has allowed us to create a set of occupation profiles that includes the abilities needed in order to work in each career choice. We then use in this occupation profile in evaluating a student or adult's career interests and help them find the best fit for their specific ability profile!

Career Counseling and Prep with Synap2it! Learning Center. Here's how we're different

Here's How it Works

Students/individuals take the SOI assessment and have an opportunity to compare their learning abilities profile with the occupational profiles for their career of interest. The comparison indicates how well their current abilities profile fits their unique career choices.

What's even better, is that if a student's assessment shows their abilities are in need of being developed in order to succeed in a certain career, we can work with them to develop those necessary abilities!

Finding the Right Career Fit 

For students, we strongly encourage SOI career counseling during their freshman year of high school rather than waiting until the traditional time of immediately prior to graduation. Although we can absolutely work with students and individuals past this point, we've found that starting early gives us the best results

It might seem premature to begin preparation at the freshman year, but if a student discovers that he/she needs to develop some of their learning abilities in order to successfully pursue their career choices, it is best to have 2-3 years to accomplish this preparation.

Many a career path has been derailed by not having sufficient time to prepare for the learning requirements that the candidate faces in the process of acquiring the skills and knowledge required for the occupation of their choice.

For example, a high school Senior may have an strong interest in becoming an architect, but discovers in college that the engineering aspects of the career are just too demanding for his/her symbolic learning abilities. Unfortunately, at this point, it is probably easier to change majors, so the budding architect is likely to go into something like graphic design – a decision closer to his current learning abilities than his long-standing career interest.

Alternatively, our goal at Synap2it! Learning Center is to help students and individuals develop the abilities they need to realize their passions, dreams and long-standing career interests...not just settle for a second choice.

Take the Next Step

As you can see, the approach we take to career preparation and counseling is different than what you see in most traditional settings. We evaluate, and take into consideration an individual's: 

  • interests
  • skills
  • opportunities
  • AND learning abilities (Comprehension, Memory, Problem Solving, Evaluation & Creativity, Figural, Symbolic, Semantic)

As a result, we are able to match a student/individual with the best career fit for their current abilities AND help them develop any abilities they may need to excel in the profession they choose. 

If you have a student in High School considering what career to pursue, or if you are dissatisfied with your current career path, we'd love to help you come up with a plan! Give us a call to take that next step toward a successful, rewarding career!


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