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Home Learning Program now available!

During this unprecedented season, we realize that parents may have concerns about their young students' education.

Perhaps your student has fallen behind in school, is feeling unprepared for the upcoming school year, or needs an educational program to work on to supplement their current curriculum.

Our Home Learning program is the answer! 

Who Can Benefit From Home Learning?

Home Learning is designed for students ages 4+ who:

  • need to be prepared to enter Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade
  • struggle with reading, writing, or math
  • need to catch up to grade level
  • struggle with fine motor skills, focusing, or sitting still
  • suffer from developmental or cognitive delays

The Home Learning program is designed to be quickly & easily implemented in your home.
With simple lesson plans and a trained consultant to offer support along the
way, we’ve made it possible for you to provide your child with the learning
tools he or she needs.

Home Learning Program Synap2it Learning Center

Home Learning Teaches in Three Different Modes. Each Focusses on a Key Aspect of the Learning Process.

The Home Learning program incorporates all the major strategies and programs we use at Synap2it Learning Center. With a minimum of 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week the typical student progresses through their individualized program at their own pace.

A majority of these activities can be done independently. As a parent, you simply ensure that your child understands the lesson instructions, then he or she can begin working!

Here are the three modes we use:

  1. 1
    BODY MOVEMENT. These physical exercises ensure that the student’s body is connected to learning. The body, brain, eyes, & ears must all work together for students to properly engage in their learning environment. These are also fun one-on one activities for you and your child!
  2. 2
    WORKBOOK. Designed to be worked through independently, students’ workbook lessons provide the fundamental learning abilities that are required in organizing and processing the information that students see & hear. These abilities are critical to all learning processes.
  3. 3
    COMPUTER. Also designed for independent work, ghe computer lessons provide the content that is typically regarded as the curriculum, such as reading, math, memory, problem-solving, and judgment. Each element is taught as a single lesson, which provides the student with the foundations of educational concepts.

We make the process fun and easy for parents and students!

What's Included?

Remember, as a Synap2it Home Learning parent, you are never alone. We have progress monitoring and support from our Certified Practitioners available to you on a weekly basis. We want your family to feel the benefits of Synap2it and we are here for guidance!

Home Learning offers three affordable packages, depending on your child’s specific needs. Each package takes approximately 3 months to complete and includes:

  • 150 page workbook
  • 20+ computuer modules
  • body movement kit & instruction manual
  • progress monitoring and support from our trained practitioners

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