One of the questions that I often get from parents is, “How are you different from tutoring services?” So in this post I want to address some of the main difference between our approach and a traditional tutoring service.

The main difference between the approach we use at Synap2it! Learning Center’s and tutoring services has to do with going deeper to understand the root cause of the difficulty a student is having in school.

Tutoring services can be a wonderful solution if a student is having difficulty understanding the material in the way a teacher is presenting it, or if the student needs the material to be “re-taught” in a way that makes sense to them. However, what if a student needs to develop an underlying ability in order to even take in the material? This is the “root cause” approach we take at our center.

Here’s how our perspective differs from tutoring services:

  • We know that there is more to learning than that which occurs from the neck up. We take a “whole body” approach to learning in order to assess visual, sensory integration, and cognitive abilities and learn how we can help a student build a solid foundation for success in school and beyond.

We screen and assess 27 learning abilities necessary for a student to be successful in areas such as math and reading and have a systematic program to address any challenges identified.

  • We know there is a huge connection between the brain and the body (Sensory Integration). Sometimes, simply aligning the brain and body can make a HUGE difference in a students academic performance.

We screen for brain and body integration and have a program to improve these abilities.

  • We know that weak sensory integration interrupts a person’s ability to attend to information or instruction that is being given. 

We screen and have a program to address brain and body so that a student is more able to take in the information they are taught in the classroom.

  • We know that Functional Vision, in addition to a standard eye exam, is key to a person’s ability to take in visual information and learn. 

We screen for functional vision in order to determine if this could be the cause of difficulties in school. If it is, we have a program to address this and improve these abilities.

  • We know that upwards of eighty per cent of what we learn comes through the visual system.  Sometimes a student isn’t struggling with learning as much as they are with functional visual abilities.

We screen for functional vision and have a program to address issues a student may be having due to weak functional vision.

  • We know not every person learns every concept in the same amount of time or in the same way.  

We assess and create a customized program to address concept challenges and encourage strengthsno cookie cutter programs here! Your child will get exactly what he/she needs to address his/her unique challenges.

  • We know that it is essential to gain complete understanding of concepts upon which school curriculum builds.  

We assess and have a systematic program that goes deeper than traditional tutoring in order to build the skills necessary for a student to be successful in areas such as math, reading, writing, and more!

  • We know that memory skills (of which there are eighteen different kinds), although fundamental to efficient learning, are not taught in school. 

We assess and have a systematic program to address and improve memory for those who need it. This can be a GAME CHANGER for students who have struggled for years.

Lifelong Transformation

In addition to our unique brain + body approach to learning, one of the best things about working with students through this program is that once they’ve completed their program and developed these abilities, they’re done! They won’t have to keep coming back (and spending more and more money) to be “re-trained” or “re-learn” anything. Students will literally have these abilities in place for a LIFETIME.

If you’re ready for a different approach to helping your child succeed in school and beyond, we’d love to talk more!

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About the Author Renee Anderson

The founder & director of EducationPathways and Synap2it! Learning Center, Renee Anderson is a veteran educator whose career spans over 25 years in both public and private schools. During this time, she has worked in regular classroom settings, special education and in intervention. She became an SOI Structure of Intellect Advanced Trainer in 1996, achieved the SOI Associate designation in 2001 and now acts as a National Trainer and Senior Program Consultant for SOI Systems, Inc. Learn more

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