Synap2it is very different from a typical tutoring center! Today we want to share a little more about what we do and what sets us apart from other learning center's out there. 

First, let’s talk about a big term called neuroplasticity.

Synap2it!, Neuroplasticity, and IQ

What is neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the idea that intelligence can be trained. Previous scientific knowledge held that intelligence was fixed and could only be improved +/- 7 points on an IQ scale. 

Modern research, however, has proven that to be incorrect and that intelligence can be trained. This is our guiding philosophy behind Synap2it! Learning Center and the Structure of Intellect program that we use.

Learning is a whole body experience

At Synap2it! Learning Center we know that the body and the brain must work together in order for efficient learning to take place.

In other words, learning does not just take place in your head. It is a whole body experience. This is why we also train perceptual skills (vision & physical abilities) in addition to addressing learning abilities.

Getting to the root of learning difficulty

Our ability to strengthen and develop learning abilities is what makes us stand out. We go beyond tutoring to get to the root of what might be causing a student's difficulty. With comprehensive brain based learning programs we help students recognize their full potential for learning.

Everybody has strengths. Everybody has weaknesses. Synap2it! Learning Center uses strengths to build the weaknesses.

With the results of an online or in person assessment, we are able to identify roadblocks in each area of learning and eliminate them by developing those skills in an individually created, systematic program.

Our goal is for any student of any age to be able to walk into any environment with any type of curriculum and be prepared to learn. That is why we do what we do.

Next Steps

Our practitioners represent extensive experience in education, intervention, and behavioral neurology and we'd love to talk with you more about whether or not Synap2it! is right for you!

Contact us today to learn more or schedule a free consultation!

About the Author Renee Anderson

The founder & director of EducationPathways and Synap2it! Learning Center, Renee Anderson is a veteran educator whose career spans over 25 years in both public and private schools. During this time, she has worked in regular classroom settings, special education and in intervention. She became an SOI Structure of Intellect Advanced Trainer in 1996, achieved the SOI Associate designation in 2001 and now acts as a National Trainer and Senior Program Consultant for SOI Systems, Inc. Learn more

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