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Wondering if Synap2it! Learning Center is right for you or your student?

We are now offering affordable, practical options for students who are schooling from home, remote learning, or want to supplement what they're learning in person at school!


Synap2it! Learning Center is now offering Home Learning which is an affordable, practical option for students age 4-8 or for older students who need help with the basics. Click here for more details.


Synap2it! also offers customized, targeted learning programs in person at our center or virtually, if you prefer, that can be used to supplement remote learning, home schooling, and in person learning for students of all ages. These programs target weaker abilities and help students by strengthening areas necessary for academic success. Learn more about our targeted learning programs here


Brain training and developing core abilities can make a huge difference in your student's success in school and beyond! 

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