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Welcome to Synap2it! Learning Center

Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Can Help You! 

Our goal is to have you or your student walk into ANY environment with ANY type of curriculum and be prepared to learn.

The Structure of Intellect program we use at Synap2it! helps create a bridge to classroom instruction using newly strengthened skills!

Using the Structure of Intellect System (SOI), we are able to focus on the very root of learning. Successful learning requires a certain level of different abilities to be in place – comprehension, problem solving, evaluation, memory, etc.

Our tests, products, and programs all work together to ensure that each student's abilities are exactly where they need to be so that you, your child, or your students can unlock your full learning potential!


Our experienced practitioners have well over 50 years of combined experience in neuroscience, public and private school education and are highly trained in the Structure of Intellect System. They are passionate about helping students achieve that extra "edge" in learning that leads to transformation. 

SOI Systems was officially founded in 1965. Our founder, Dr. Mary Meeker, was a student of the renowned psychologist, Dr. JP Guilford. Through her work with Guilford, she saw the potential for applying his theories to identifying learning difficulties. Dr. Meeker soon discovered that certain intellectual abilities were related to basic learning: reading, arithmetic, higher math, creativity, and more.

Dr. Meeker’s most exciting and important contribution was her realization that intellectual abilities could be taught! This added a whole new dimension to Guilford’s work. At this point, not only could abilities be identified, but they could be taught and developed, too!

At Synap2it! we use this powerful system to help students succeed in school and beyond!

Our Programs

Brain training and developing core abilities can make a huge difference in your student's success in school and beyond! 


  • General Academic Issues
  • Lack of Memory Skills
  • Low Math Skills
  • Poor Reading Comprehension
  • Anxiety over School or Work
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Homework Takes Too Long


Synap2it! Learning Center is now offering Home Learning which is an affordable, practical option for students age 4-8 or for older students who need help with the basics. Click here for more details.


Synap2it! also offers customized, targeted learning programs in person at our center or virtually. These programs help strengthen areas necessary for academic success. Each program is individualized specifically for each student and their needs.

I have never referred a student to the Center in whom I didn’t see major improvement. The children I have referred have improved their handwriting, self-esteem, their ability to pay attention and general learning ability.

K.H. M.Ed, Third Grade Teacher

Time Commitment

For a minimum of 2 hours of training per week (divided into 2 or more days), students work with highly-skilled and experienced consultants in our "Cognitive" and "Lab" areas concentrating on their individualized program addressing any weaknesses identified in the Perceptual and Cognitive Assessments.

Once a student's program is completed and they have developed a strong foundation of learning abilities, they experience success where they previously struggled. What's even better is that these abilities are theirs FOR LIFE!

Our goal is to help our student's complete their program as quickly as possible, see them succeed, and not just have them keep coming back year after year.

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