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Synap2It! Learning Centers

#1 | Enhance School Culture

Affecting the culture of your school by training your teachers to see the skills and abilities of each individual student.

#2 | Empower Your Administration

Empowering Administration with timely accurate information for decision making within the Student Support Team. Enlightening teachers with information that allows them to address each child’s learning style and skill set in an individual manner. This information is available to them to assist in planning their learning groups and their tiered intervention (Tier 1).

#3 | Meeting Student Needs

Enabling teachers to meet the needs of students requiring more intense intervention by providing timely, immediate, intense, targeted intervention for students in need of more concentrated attention than can realistically be provided in the classroom setting (Tier 2).

#4 | Reduce Disqualifications

Significantly reducing disqualifications (DNQs) and misidentifications by documenting extensive Response to Intervention (RTI) PRIOR to any special program referral (Tier 3). Not only does this process provide extensive and orderly intervention records, it also saves the district money in testing costs.

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