Six Abilities That Could Keep Your Child From Reading

Did you know that there are six different Structure of Intellect abilities that have been identified as necessary for reading readiness? Did you also know, that NONE of these abilities involve Semantics (the way a student uses words, concepts and ideas and the way reading is typically taught in schools?)

So…what does that mean? It means that in order for a student to be ready to learn to read as it is typically taught in a classroom (Semantics), these other abilities (Figural & Symbolic) need to be developed as well.

Six Abilities Necessary for Reading Readiness

So what are these abilities? I’m glad you asked! Over the next 6 weeks we’ll look at each ability more closely and discuss the consequences to these abilities being underdeveloped. But before we go in more depth, here’s a quick overview of the abilities & their outcomes if underdeveloped.

1) CFU – Cognition of Figural Units

This is what is also referred to visual closure. If this ability is underdeveloped a student will:

  • Not see a complete word from the first letter to last
  • Misread “saw” and “was”
  • May incline head when reading. Stumbling, tripping, over-reaching, or knocking things over is also common.

2) CFC – Cognition of Figural Classes

Also referred to as Visual Conceptualization. If this ability is underdeveloped a student will:

  • Have poor concept formation & reading comprehension
  • Have problems classifying & conceptualizing

3) EFU – Evaluation of Figural Units

Also called Visual Discrimination. If this ability is underdeveloped a students will:

  • Mistake b,d and p,q; misread letters
  • Omit small words in sentences
  • Misread endings or beginnings

4) EFC – Evaluation of Figural Classes

This is also referred to as Judging Similarity of Concepts. If this ability is underdeveloped a student will:

  • Have poor concept formation
  • Have low reading comprehension
  • Have difficulty determining similarities & differences in meanings

5) MSU – Memory for Symbolic Units

This is also referred to as Visual Attending. If this ability is underdeveloped a student will:

  • Have problems with spelling
  • Have problems recognizing new words
  • Forget where things are
  • Have problems with vision span

6) MSS – Memory for Symbolic Systems

This is also called Visual sequencing. If this ability is underdeveloped a student will:

  • Have difficulty holding information in their mind while “processing” it at the same time.
  • Have problems recalling long words or sequences
  • Have difficulty concentrating

Targeted Learning

If your child is struggling with reading and you noted any of these difficulties, he/she may need some additional help developing one or more of these abilities in order to be successful in the classroom.

The good news is, at Synap2it Learning Center we believe every child is unique and because of that belief, we specialize in targeted learning where we not only help your child develop these abilities, but we can pinpoint & personalize a program to address exactly what abilities need to be strengthened.

AND NOW THE EVEN BETTER PART….through the SOI assessment, we’ll also share with your child all the areas that he/she excels in!

This is one of our favorite parts of the assessment because a student gets to see for themselves all the ways in which they are “smart” no matter how many struggles they may have had with school. We love bringing hope & encouragement to students & families!

Want more info or want to schedule an assessment? Contact us!

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Renee Anderson

The founder & director of EducationPathways and Synap2it! Learning Center, Renee Anderson is a veteran educator whose career spans over 25 years in both public and private schools. During this time, she has worked in regular classroom settings, special education and in intervention. She became an SOI Structure of Intellect Advanced Trainer in 1996, achieved the SOI Associate designation in 2001 and now acts as a National Trainer and Senior Program Consultant for SOI Systems, Inc. Learn more

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